Saturday 18 June 2022

Candy Crush, Adsense and Blogging...

 Yes, it's been a long time since I have posted here. But with so many other avenues to make one's posts, and ideas public, and with fewer words, it isn't a wonder that my (and I am sure many of my ilk's) blog is languishing. I started this blog to write a bit, post some recipes, travel stories, any other thoughts I could spare, some rants etc. Done that to some extent but definitely not as much as I would have liked! Many resolutions have come and gone, so no point making any more!!!

Today's wake-up is because google Adsense came knocking at my door and promised to take away my privilege of using AdSense if I didn't get up and kicked about! So here goes...

But again what do i write? Is reaching 7700 levels in Candy Crush a worthier effort than blogging? or should I blog about it? All the coins I have been buying (shhhhhhh), all the hours I have been engaged in destroying those sweet harmless treacles! Did I say harmless? Right. Because sometimes at the end of the day my eyes don't go all blurry and I cant even read normal sized fonts right in front of my nose! 

Oh I can write about my new found, one year old passion. Paintings. I have painted some eyes since I started to write this blog. Actually painted 4 small paintings (so much for my commitment to blogging) in the last 4 -5 days. 10' by 12". Acrylic on canvas. I am getting the hang of acrylic. The last year has mostly been devoted to oil painting. But acrylic is so fast. What i found a trial initially, the quick drying, is turning out to be a boon, with lightning fast turnover! I have to buy some new fresh canvas soon! 

How many have I painted in the last year? 60? Maybe. At least! 

I will wind up my blogging for now. Like I said, since I started it, i have completed 4 paintings, run through a bad bout of flu, almost reached level 7800 in Candy time to find a fresh topic!

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