Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Fake IPL Player - Taking IPL By Storm!

All those of you who have been following the IPl regularly - hope you haven't missed out on the fake IPL player's blog! Its worth reading, believe me. The "fake IPL player" apparently belongs to the Kolkata Knight Riders and gives juicy insider reports of the KKR and IPL happenings straight from South Africa. Sample what he has to say about yesterday's meeting between Bangalore and Kolkata.

"It's almost like a battle for the bottom of the barrell. Both of us have tried every rule in the book to ensure that we finish last." and more -
"Entering the meeting room I got a really funny feeling. Boy George, Bhookha Naan, Phoren Babas and the entire coaching staff (which now probably is larger than the playing staff) was seated and looking at us as we entered. Somewhat like the 70s films when the worker's union went in to negotiate with the management."

He talks of a mutiny in the KKR team and how with just 11 players left no one else can be sent back! His blog is funny, acerbic, talks knowledgeably about the game, players, selectors, commentators and spares no one! He has insolent nicknames for everyone. Ganguly is "Lordy", Shahrukh is "D*ldo", Shastri is "Kishen Kanhaiya" and such. The biggest guessing game now on amongst IPL fans is to the identity of the the "fake IPL player" and he may soon have more followers than the Kolkata team. Shahrukh sure doesn't need this headache,,,or does he ith his "megalomania" ...I am not saying that, the blogger said that! Well the fake IPL player's last post has 1004 comments (including mine). So you can guess his popularity.

Who can it be? Is it Ranadeb Bose (some sections believe that) - who is with the King's team now (but he gives insider views of the KKR dressing room as you can see) or could it be Sanjay Bangar or Akash Chopra, both sent back players (the fake IPL player empathises with them and says that they shouldn't have been chosen in the first place and if chosen should have been given more than two games. He also says they are genuinely nice guys). But cant be them because the blogging continues (with more acidity if possible on their departure) from SA and they are at India. My guess is its a non-Bong Indian player (not many of those so take your pick). Whatever it is, I love the guy's style and sense of humor. Hope the KKR and IPL management too has some humor to accept it! I know there are murmers in some quarters that he is cowardly because of hiding behind a pseudonym. We all know what would have happened if he had blogged in the open - he would have been gagged before even starting and the cricket World would have lost these IPL gems.

Can't stop laughing. Go on, read his blog, and enjoy the IPL as never before!

There's a link to the fake IPL player's blog at the left!

Just a thought - is he a plant? After all can't be too difficult to find a fringe Indian player who uses a Macbook Pro, can bat a bit, bowl a bit, field like a "maniac", has not played a Test and was sitting in the stand last year!

Swine Flu Update

WHO has raised the swine flu alert to pandemic level 5. Keep up with the swine flu updates at the WHO website. So far 148 people have been reported affected with the virus worldwide with 8 deaths (7 Mexico, 1 USA)

Keep up with the virus status here.

Swine Flu Updates from WHO

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Earth Day

April 22nd is Earth Day. The Day when environment hogs the limelight, the day where all the right forums express the correct environmental concerns. When the vox populi through various media expresses its anguish over the ozone layer, the dwindling rivers, rising sea lines, carbon dioxide, toxic wastes, environmental changes, melting arctics and Himalayas, rising hometown temperature, acid rains. School students make posters and learn how far the and how fast the Mother Earth is headed towards self-destruction.

This building up of the concern was the main reason Earth Day was conceived by Senator Gaylord Nelson, Founder of Earth Day. To get the people and politician involved and more proactive in conserving the planet. However we laymen cannot really shape the oil policies or halt the erosion of the ozone layers or the Arctic caps other than by expressing concern. What we can do, what we need to do and what we should teach our children to do are still a lot.

Here’s a small list starting at the beginning of the day.

Keep the tap shut while brushing teeth.

Walk, cycle or use public transport to work or school

Plant vegetation around the house – it provides oxygen, clean air as well as makes the house cooler.

Carry out a planned energy saving exercise at home – like Earth Hour but on a daily basis

Avoid polythene bags and use paper bags as far as possible

Reuse plastic bottles, containers

Recycle water

Use “natural” personal care products like moisturizers, deodorants, lotions, shampoo, etc. Natural means plant based (not petroleum based) or home made products.

Reduce, reuse, reinvent and recycle should be a daily mantra.

There are many more things we can do at our level. Green guides and green products are plentily available now, both online and at stores. National Geography has a very comprehensive Green guide. Check out this link for National Geographic green guide and green products.

In developing countries, at least in India, reuse and recycle happens as a way of life. Very little gets wasted. Whether this recycling is done hygienically using the correct technology is however a matter of concern. Developed countries face a different problem. Recycle and reuse, though “correct” words are not really applied in daily life. I mean I can’t see newspaper, plastics being collected systematically from house to house to be reused! In fact people need to be paid to remove old stuff and scraps!

A watercolor as my tribute to Earth Day

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Should I Give My Son A Cell Phone?

My son is ten years. He wants a cell phone - now. Should I give him one?

Of late, my son has been pestering me to get him a cell phone. He first wanted the one I use and said I had better change to a new slick model. Since that was way too funny, he dropped the idea. Now he wants the slightly older Nokia Model I keep as a stand – by. His arguments interspersed with undeniable logic literally leave me gasping, with horror and shock. Horror, at his determination to wheedle a phone out of me at any cost - and shock, that he has grown up so much! Sample his logic.

He needs a phone because he might get lost. The city has recently had a spate of kidnappings. To make him more aware I made him read the articles in newspapers and gave him a long lesson of safe behavior. He goes to a tutorial and basketball after school hours a few days a week. He goes chaperoned of course. But he tells me if the Driver shows up late, he can ring me up immediately and inform me. If his Basketball gets cancelled, I can arrange to get him from school without delay. Apparently, all his classmates have perfect arrangements with their parents or have hand phones, pagers, transmitters or maybe a tie-up with the school admin too complicated for me to use! These are not his best arguments by far. Our condo lift has got stuck recently once or twice. Apparently having a cell phone would make it easier for him to get in touch with us when he gets stuck in the lift! I think he thinks of these while sleeping! When I argue that he has already lost 3 watches this year and the phone won’t last long in his hands, he tells me his friend has lost three phones and still has got a phone. This friend is two years older and uses public transport to school – if I try to point that, the argument takes an entirely new direction – his friend knows driving and driving and the car keys are the next on my son’s list!

My list of arguments is long and he has an answer to all. The only way I have got my way so far has been by bullying.

He will lose the phone – He wont, he will be careful!
Phone will affect his tender brain – It affects our brains too
He doesn’t need a phone – He does of course, badly
All his trousers / school dress pockets are torn – I can repair them
The shorts he goes out to play in do not have pockets – I can customize them to carry a phone
He doesn’t need one – He does, badly
He is way too young – What do I mean by that?
I cannot afford it – That’s the reason he wants the old model

I really cannot fathom when he graduated from playing games on my mobile to needing a phone as a status symbol (uh-huh). And I honestly don’t know how long the bullying will work. Any ideas? When should a child start using a mobile phone?

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Watch Susan Boyle @ Britain's Got Talent - See Video

Susan Boyle did a little jig, told about her household with her cat Pebbles and said she was 47 years. One could see no one took her seriously - that is till she opened her mouth to sing (I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables). One could easily see the sniggers make way to disbelief and applause. Last heard of - Simon Cowell's production label was signing a deal with her! And that is definitely not the last the Music World is going to hear of her.

The video's embedding has been disabled. Here is the youtube link to watch Susan Boyle sing.

Conficker Eye Chart - Is Your PC Infected With Conficker?

Take this simple test of the Conficker Eye Chart by the Conficker Working Group to find out if your PC is infected with the Conficker worm. The Conficker virus is revealing more of its nefarious purposes as the financial angle and the real intention of the Online Piracy group is getting more disclosed on a daily basis. The latest news is Conficker is installing a rogue anti virus in infected computers. The "scareware" identifies threats that it offers to remove for $49.95! Read more on the threat here.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Watch Sound Of Music Video - Antwerp Station

Watch this Sound Of Music Video. This video has gone viral on the web!

This Sound Music Video is taking the net by storm. On first view this looks like a group of travelers breaking into an impromptu dance at a station on the popular Sound of Music song Do-Re-Mi. Apparently its a Dutch TV talent hunt clip shot at the Antwerp station and is staged, not an impromptu event. However the video's popularity establishes the fact that Sound of Music and Maria Von Trapp haven't lost any appeal and there are a lot of closet Sound of Music fans!

Polar Bear Attack Video

Watch this video of a Polar Bear attacking a woman at a Berlin Zoo! The woman swam the moat around the bear enclosure (to pat the Bear or what!) and was attacked by one of the four huge furry bears in the enclosure. The woman apparently wanted to meet (and shake hands probably) with Knut - the World's most famous Polar Bear!

Here are the pictures, video and full story of the Polar Bear attack.

Thankfully, the woman is still alive...