Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year Resolutions - Tips and Gadgets to Help Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Keeping New Year Resolutions are difficult - right? But if you have the right tools at hand sticking to your New Year Resolutions could be a breeze. Find out how to make the most of your New Year Resolutions here.

New Year Resolutions - Tips and Gadgets to Help Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Top 10 New Year Resolutions

Have you already made your New Year Resolutions? Well there's help! Below is a list of New Year Resolutions that find their way into people's lists year after year. Go ahead make yours.

1. Stop smoking / Quit drinking

One can always try! Smokers find it the hardest of all to quit.

2. Lose Weight / Exercise More / Eat Better

The calorie counter is retrieved, fitness schedules are made and diet and nutrition charts are pinned to the board.

Maybe this article could help!

10 Steps to Lose 10 Kgs

3. Save Money

4. Get More Organized

5. Spend More Time with Loved Ones

6. Go Abroad

7. Eat Better

8. Do Good

9. Better Career / Better Education

10. Further a Relationship / Untangle a relationship!


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

How Much Does Mark Zuckerberg Earn?

Every kid knows Mark Zuckerberg. Well at least every kid knows facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of facebook.

Would you like to know how much money Zuckerberg has made?

Here is an interesting page which has broken up Zuckerberg's income right down to seconds.

Take a look here!

How Much Money Does Mark Zuckerberg Make?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

How to Track Santa This Christmas Eve!

Santa Tracker - NORAD Santa Tracker - Track Santa on Christmas Eve!

When is Santa starting out from his village in the North Pole? All the hard work - packing gifts, preparing goodies and making toys in his own special toy making machine - have almost come to an end! As per last reports from Santa's home - Santa Claus couldn't resist the smell of gingerbread from the kitchen and fox trotted around the kitchen with Mrs. Claus - with the elves looking on and frowning! In some three hours he will ride out on his sleigh and with his lists of good and naughty. The sleighs are being loaded as I write this and instructions have come from Santa's home - that he will be too busy to answer mails today.

How do you know when is Santa Claus going to reach your town?

The NORAD website has day to day updates of the happenings at Santa's Village with loads of games and activites. It is by far one of the most popular website during Christmas Eve!

Try the official Norad website at the link given.

North American Aerospace Defense Command has been busy many years now tracking Santa's flight Christmas eve! The best part is that you can now track Santa on Christmas Eve at Facebook, Twitter, on your mobile phone and of course right from your PC by just downloading a simple Google Earth Application.

Track Santa on Christmas Eve with this Norad Santa Tracker 2010 here!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Play Christmas Songs Online | Christmas Carols to listen Online

Play Christmas Songs Online

With Christmas, there comes an almost primal urge to play christmas songs. Parents feel they are handing down some old fashioned faith, belief, simplicity through these songs. Christmas sic represents the basic form of popular culture. Some songs have caught the imagination so much over the years - that they are synonymous with Xmas.

Here is a small collection of popular Christmas songs to play online.

Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas"

Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song"

Frank Sinatra "Jingle Bells"

John Lennon's "Happy XMas"

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

"Frosty the Snowman"

"Santa Claus is Coming to Town" - Bruce "Boss" Springsteen

"Little Saint Nick" by The Beach Boys

"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" - Gene Autry

Bing Crosby's "White Christmas"

See the other videos in this collection of Christmas Songs and more here at this Christmas Music playlist

Watch Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) - NFL Super Bowl 2012 Live Online Free

Watch Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) - NFL Super Bowl 2011 Live Online Free Coverage / SuperBowl 46 Kick off Time


12- Jan - 2012
(Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) Coverage)

Get ready - its time for another Super Bowl. The post season is well under way and the divisional playoffs are around the corner.

It is Broncos vs Patriots and Texans Vs Ravens in the AFC

Saints vs 49ers and Giants Vs Packers in the NFC.

This the stage "when anythings can happen". Who will go to Indianapolis on 5th February? The seeding says it will be New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers. The bets are on Packers going the distance - but first they have to beat their 2008 nemesis New York Giants.

Meanwhile Patriots fans may be feeling they are already in the Conference Final - but the Broncos did upset the Steelers. Do they have a couple more upsets up their sleeves?

The last four is out! It is Giants vs 49ers and Patriots vs Ravens for the Conference Championship Finals!

The giants again did a Giant killing act and removed 15-0 Packers from the equation. If they do win the Super Bowl XLVI, it will be the first time a team with just 9 wins in the Regular Season will have done it!

It does promise to be a mouthwatering next few weeks. Meanwhile one can catch Super Bowl games live streaming on - demand at NFL/Gamepass.

Watch NFL Final Live Online Free Patriots vs Giants, NFL Super Bowl 46 (XLVI)

Get Super Bowl 46 Live Online Free coverage, live action online at the official NFL Super bowl Website at

Thursday, 16 December 2010

2010 Top 10 Search in India By Google Zeitgeist

2010 Top 10 Searches in India in Celebrity | Brands | Movies and More By Google Zeitgeist

Here is a look at the Top 10 Celecbrity Search in India for 2010.

Find out about the fastest rising searches, popular brand search, Popular How To search as they happened in Google search.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Watch Asian Games Live - Guangzhou Asian Games Official Website

Want to find the latest happenings of the Guangzhou Asian Games? See the latest gold medal tally, latest news from the Guangzhou Asiad, Asian Games 2010 latest news and results at the Guangzhou Asian Games official website in English

Get Live news of India at Asian Games from this Loive Asian Games blog at IBNlive

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 - A Reality Check

Image Source:

As the Commonwealth Games 2010 got under way -  the problems highlighted so graphically by an unenthusiastic World Media fed by an over enhusiastic local media, slowly made way to realities on the Ground.

The verdict - The facilities, the village, the food were all upto the mark and in many cases exceptional. The hospitality was incredible as vouched for by many. The preparations were no where near as dismal as projected. The Organizers have done a good enough job - considering India's lack of experience, political bottlenecks, existing poor infrastructure, massive security concerns and a vocal democracy to which every action and spending is answerable.

Other Pluses

The security aspect of organizing such a huge event is immense. After 26/11 - India was off the lists of many casual tourists. Lets face it - India with its demographics, its proximity to Pakistan is a huge security risk. Kudos to the Home Minister for a secure game! He gets a A+++. I feel it is a huge achievement (perhaps the biggest) on the part of the Government to have delivered such a safe game with no security breeches - in Delhi - the node of India.

India actually doubled its medal count from the last games. It won one more gold than England to clinch second place! There was a lot of individual brilliance. Saina Nehwal, the Shooters who set all sorts of records, the Boxers, the Weightlifters K Ravi Kumar and Renu Bala who set Games Records, all put up a World Class show. Shows worthy of Olympics Medals.

Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games Final Medal Tally

Australia won 84 Golds in 2006, 74 Golds at Delhi
England won 36 golds in 2006, 37 Golds at Delhi
India Won 22 Golds and 50 overall medals in 2006 and 38 gold medals at Delhi.

Seen in perspective, the athletes put up a brilliant show.

Should India host the Olympics in the near future based on this?

A huge and definite NO.

India might have the infrastructure - might even be able to produce a brilliant Olympic Games - but the athletes are nowhere near the standard. Asian Games 2010 at Guangzhou will provide a reality check for the Indian athletes as they come up against the World's best from China, Japan and Korea.

There are other reasons too on why India shouldnt bid for the Olympic Games. As long as the present organisers of the IOA dont step down - India doesn't have a hope in one of getting a reasonably good games. The President of the IOA (Mr. Suresh Kalmadi) - who can't utter two sentences without uttering Sonia Ji, Young leader Rahul ji, Sonia ji again - and who has been an incumbent for 15 or more years (with around half a dozen Olympic medals which he shamelessly feels is good enough), doesnt have a hope of organising a decent Games which will make the country proud!

India's performances in popular events like Swimming, Gymnastics, athletics are pedestrian. It will continue to remain pedestrian too. Why? India has World Class facilities and coaches at just a couple of centres! A blueprint to make India a strong contender should include World class gymnastics, shooting, archery, athletics, swimming and other facilities at least 35-40 centres around the country. It is not a big task. There are classy cricket coaching centres around the country - and the results in cricket speaks for itself. The interest among the people is there. The facilities are not.

A combination of private enterprise and Government support should first ensure these facilities. The champions will develop by themselves! Strike when the iron is hot! The efforts should come immediately - to get the real advantage of hosting the Delhi 2010.

Here's hoping to a great future for India Sports

Here is what the Guardian, UK has to say about the Commonwealth Games 2010.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Google Doodle John Lennon "You May Say I Am A Dreamer"

Google has doodled John Lennon. Lennon's song You may say I am a Dreamer is on the google front page. I think it is the first time - google's doodle is a video from youtube!

See this John Lennon's song at youtube - "You may say I am a Dreamer" which is the basis for the google doodle on Lennon's 70th Birthday!

John Lennon Video Doodle

Monday, 4 October 2010

India at Commonwealth Games - Day 1

How is the India contingent faring at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games?

For starters

India face Malaysia in hockey
Arti Bajarang Ghorpade won in the Opening heat of the 200m swimming
Indian TT girls beat Sri anka 3-0 in a Group D team competition in TT
Rohan Bopanna won against Robert Buyinza 6-1 6-4 in the fist round of Tennis

For more information on how India is faring at the Commonwealth Games go to

Sunday, 3 October 2010

CWG Opening Ceremony - A Look

The Commonwealth GamesOpening ceremony was a spectacular show and kicked off the 19th CW Games in a grand fashion as the Prince of Wales looked on.


The CWG 2010 has begun!

And in what a fashion! The Opening Ceremony for Commonwealth Games 2010 would be  by far the most spectacular ever witnessed in a Commonwealth Games.

As I write this AR Rehman is permorming Jeeyo Utho Bado Jeeto and Jai Ho with a background of dancers and performers from all over the country representing all culture. A noisy, colorful and inspiring sight!
It was preceded by Laser fireworks and a massive Railways tableau. Yoga performances, all the classical dances from India like Odissi, Kathak, Manipuri, Kathakali, Mahiniattam and Kuchipudi representing the seasons of India were some of the other performances.

Over the centrestage of the JN Stadium hungs a massive balloon which replays all the performance and provides a awe-inspiring background. The 80 X 40 X 12m aerostat balloon after all cost almost 50 crores! It proved its point and worth as the showpiece of the ceremony.

After an initial performance by hundreds of school children where they did an amazing Mehndi work with perfect co-ordination - there were the speeches by the IOC members, the President and the PM of India.
The Prince of Wales declared the Games Open to massive cheers after the march past of the athletes.

See some articles related to it.


This article was first published at by the Author

CWG Opening Ceremony Pulls Out all Stops

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Books, Thrillers and Murders

In the last two weeks I have gone through some books which are kind of Chick Lits. No, the books were more than chick lits - the authors classify them as thrillers - I would say they are chick lit murders.

I am a very safe reader. For my daily dose of reading, I tend to stick to Georgette Heyer, Judith Mc Naught or Jo Beverly for romance, Robin Cook, Archer, Grisham, Dan Brown for thrillers with a PG Wodehouse, Christie or Enid Blyton thrown in. I tried my hand a Dean Koontz and Stephen King - but while some of Koontz's books worked for me - I gave up Stephen King after one book. And I have given up Paulo Coelho after Alchemist - which I found incredibly silly. I know I might get lynched for saying this. In my defense, I intend to take up Coelho again - because everyone seems to love it - and I cant see why I shouldn't, if I pick up the right book!

Back to my chick lit murders - the first one I read was "A Rose From the Dead" by Kate Collins. It is part of a series called The Flower Shop Mysteries and you cant help liking the impulsive and irrepressible Abby Knight.

See the book here at

A Rose From the Dead

The next one was called Armed and Glamorous . The series by Ellen Byerrum is billed as Crime of Fashion Mysteries. The characters are funky, over the top and GLAMOROUS led by Lacey Smithsonian. Lacey writes on fashion and loves to dress in the 30s style gone modern. Her friends are Stella a hair stylist and Brooke an amazingly organized lawyer. One of Byerrum's book, "Killer Hair" has also been filmed. Take a look at Armed and Glamorous here at

Another thriller of the same genre called the "Code Busting Series" goes by the name of The Givenchy Code (sounds like Da Vinci Code or what?). The protagonist is the nerdy, brilliant, cipher and clue solver Melanie Prescott. In the book, Melanie lives a nightmare where her life depends on deciphering a cipher. Exciting? You bet! There are a few murders thrown in too. Melanie lives for Mathematics and shoes - haute couture shoes like say Givenchy! The book is by Julie Kenner.

The Givenchy Code

Unfortunately  there are two other exciting books I read a few days back whose names escape me. I generally pick up a book, read it and forget the name and the author - unless they are really well known. I remember the names of the above books because I made a point of noting them down before returning them to the library.

Can't wait to get my hands on more books of this kind!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dabangg - Salman "Fearless Robinhood Chulbul" Khan!

Dabangg (meaning fearless) is taking the box office literally by storm.

Will the movie be the top grossing movie ever? The WOM (word of mouth) publicity for Dabangg is awesome. I can see lines forming to watch the movies a second, a third time!

Can the movie last till Diwali  when Indian movie goers come out in force to the halls? There are some eminent movies line up for Diwali like Golmaal 3, Patiala House, Endhiran, etc

Find out what works for Dabangg (other than Salman Khan), movie review and more about the movie here

The Story of Dabangg

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Secret Diary of a Wimpy Housewife

Well, I am the first to admit that the title is neither original nor applies to me. I am not a wimpy housewife, no way. Inspired by my son's devouring of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and treating it as a bible - I had to pick up the "Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife" - when I came across it at the local library.

There was an immediate affinity with diary and diarist - just reading the first page. Many a times I have vowed to spend "quality, life-affirming things to reclaim my spirit" and "staring vacantly into space" wondering about the "the selfless decision to leave the workplace." Or trying to feel noble about being a stay at home mother.
As for being wimpy - I don't always give in to the others whims. If I do - I have strong reasons like:

I do let my kids watch Cartoon Network 14 hours a day - but that's because I believe a moving, lively, colorful medium will do more for their brain than the staid colorless words in print. They will also pick up a better diction and vocabulary from the variety on TV than a monotonous storytelling session from Mom.
As for giving in and giving them Maggie for breakfast, lunch and dinner - shouldn't they learn to adjust with ready-to-cook easy meals? Where will they always get hot home cooked food?

Mothers and MILs always seem to have done the right thing when we were kids. They gave us food on time, ensured we never had a cold or ate with dirty fingers and got our homework done bang on time. What more – they were always engaged in “productive soul enhancing activities” like looking after kids and home! No retail therapy for them, buying unnecessary clothes or accessories. No “me time” too – apparently. So they say.

As my husband comments on the amount of vegetable in the Chicken Biriyani (what are carrots and peas doing in a Chicken Biriyani for God’s Sake?) – I push back all thoughts of power lunches and adult conversation at the workplace. Of a time when one ate lunch not actually cooked by oneself. Better concentrate on how very frightful the last boss was or the howling of the kid when Mom had to sneak away to work.

I have by now gone through two pages of “Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife” in between “life-affirming” and doubtful quality time spent playing Farmville. I have had no inspiration on “productive soul enhancing activities” unless screaming at the kids to finish their homework before school reopens, preparing veggie chicken Biriyani or shopping for groceries count.

If you want to read what the “Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife” by Niamh Greene says (and you will love it!), you can get it online somewhere I am sure (couldn't find it at Amazon). It has been published by Penguin Ireland.

Here is a Amazon link to the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".

PS – My family still doesn’t know there was cabbage too in the Chicken Biryani – it blended right in with the spices! So much for being a wimpy housewife! Tee hee.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Vikram Seth's An Equal Music - A Review

An Equal Music is the only Vikram Seth book I have read (so far). It is always a daunting task to start reading a book of an author of Seth’s stature. As one starts to read – the book comes to life like the music it portrays. Can a book which is solely about classical music (of which I have absolutely zero knowledge) sustain for the length of a novel? It can and does as it flows through chapters describing the perfect music, the love the protagonist Michael is in search of and the fusion of love, music and the life of a struggling violinist and a quartet named Maggiore.

Michael is a narcissist. For him it is perfect or nothing. A butcher’s son from Yorkshire (no, Lancashire), he has started on his journey with the violin with encouragement from an elderly neighbour and inputs from the public library of unlikely Manchester - to make a small place for himself in classical music. As he struggles on in London, he finds his lost love Julia – while his quartet makes some of the perfect music ever. However, Michael loses Julia – and his World comes crashing down – again - as it had once before against the demands of an unforgiving tutor. Woven through Michael’s story – is also the story of the quest for the perfect music and concerts by a quartet, the story of a violin (Tonini), a deaf pianist and concerts in London, Venice and Vienna.

An Equal Music comforts, warms, and in places makes one’s toes curl with the depths of emotions described. As you finish the book – you will definitely want to hear Bach, the Art of Fugue, The Trout, Schubert or Schumann (the wring Schu?) and read the book all over again!

To know more about Vikram Seth - go to Wikipedia

To read An Equal Music by Vikram Seth - buy it online at
 An Equal Music - The Book By Vikram Seth

Music from An Equal Music is also available for MP3 download or to buy at amazon. Check it out here.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Value Averaging in Investing

It has been a long time since I have revisited any financial planning concept. So time for rehashing some basic investment  fundas!

How many really take an active interest in managing their portfolios? People tend to leave it to the fund manager to manage money in case of mutual funds and tend to put any spare cash in the latest fund that is "in" or as chosen by a "financial adviser", else choose a "safe" inflation beating instrument. The more judicious squirrel away a little bit systematically in "safe investments" and do a bit of active portfolio management while the experts look for gains in the stock market.

But there are some easy to use personal finances tools out there which actually make our money work well with a modest financial planning. However, due to ignorance, overconfidence or maybe simple laziness we tend to ignore them. Value Averaging is one such tool. Its an unbelievably simple financial planning tool that anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge about investments can use to good effect.

Simple Definition

In value averaging one puts/withdraws a certain amount of money into/from investments so that the value of the investment remains the same.

Here's a way to make it work well and work with one's portfolio.

Choose two asset classes - preferably diversified equity and a steady liquid asset. Lets say one has a portfolio of $100,000. You put 75000 into the equity portfolio and 25000 in the liquid asset. On a fixed date every month (or quarter) review the portfolio. If say the equity portfolio has gone up by $3000, book that profit and shift the money to the liquid, low risk portfolio. And if the equity portfolio has fallen, shift money from the liquid asset into equity, so that the value of the equity portfolio remains constant either way.


The advantages are obvious. One has kept booking profits and shifted it to a safe investment at every opportunity and rise in equity markets. Also one has invested in equity when at low, unlike dollar cost averaging where one blindly puts in a fixed amount into equity every month, whether high or low.

The trick in value cost averaging is to maintain discipline over a longish period. Its truly a golden way to beat the bears.

After all, you spend so much time earning, shouldn't you spend a little time to make your hard earned money work best...its not really rocket science.

(This is also published in my blog )

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Books by Fellow Xombies!

My "Xomba" friends Priya Kanwar and V. Taprial have just published a book "A Beginner's Guide to Blogging". Taprial and Priya are amongst the cream of Xomba bloggers!
Taprial, a Naval Commander, has also published a racy thriller "Enemy in the Ranks". Be sure to have a look at both the books! They are both Pustak Mahal publications and can be ordered online too.
Both the books sold well at the Delhi Book Fair. Be sure to get a copy if you are in India. Here is the link to get it online.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Super Bowl XLIV (44) 2010 Live Free Action/ Coverage/ Where To Watch

In a few minutes Super Bowl 2010 will begin. The Colts with their QB Manning will take on the effervescent New Orleans with their dynamic QB Drew Brees. In this second consecutive Super Bowl at Florida - Carrie Underwood will start with the National Anthem. The Who - the rock band from Britain will be the half-time act at the Dolphin Stadium.

Will this be the best Super Bowl in a long time? This promises to be an attacking attacking, attacking game! Definitely, the best two teams on view this season are fighting it out.

Want to know where to watch all the live action? The NFL official Super Bowl site seems to be the best bet!

Watch all the happenings ath the Superbowl online free here!

CBS will be broadcasting it live. Here is the Super Bowl website at CBS Sports. The kick off time is at 6-30 pm

Enjoy the 2010 SuperBowl!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Superman of Bollywood!

Is there a Superman in Indian Cinema? Can Rajnikanth, the southern demigod be considered one? Does the one and only Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, qualify? Or Baadshah Shahrukh? One real Superman like characer spawned by Bollywood - the Krisshh franchisee shows no sign of continuing. So, I have come to this conclusion.


Sample this.


He coaches a team of discordant individuals, one of them infirm, in the village to form a ragged team. A team whose members are always out to cut each others throat! Then he bowls and fields away like Superman. But the icing on the cake comes last! Aamir, with the help of the same infirm teammate, bats like God and hits a last ball six to pave the way for the righteous and downtrodden team to win after much drama! The ultimate triumph of “good over evil”

Here is the last ball from Lagaan.

Taare Zameen Par

A small child has a problem in reading. The parents have given up hope even though the child comes across as being cute, smart, and cool and whose only problem seems to be in studies. The school too gives up hope on the 7 year old and he is sent to a boarding school. There the child is isolated by overconfident classmates and bullying masters (who seem to belong more to the mileu of the village school – than a modern day upper class boarding school). Enter the Superman in the form of the Art teacher. He diagnoses the child’s problem, takes him in hand, counsels the parents, other teachers, helps the child to study and the child comes out a winner – all seemingly in one school season! To make the complete the Superman, the art teacher also runs an orphanage for children with problems.

And finally my favorite Superman

Three Idiots

Rancho can do anything. From building a remote controlled air plane with an inbuilt camera, in the first year he graduates to delivering a baby on a TT table with the help of vacuum cleaners, batteries and other students with a doctor giving instructions over the web. The baby gives its proverbial first kick too in response to Rancho’s slogan “Aal Izz Welll”. In the meanwhile he counsels the students and teachers of his premier institute on the pitfalls of learning by rote, gets his friends to follow their dreams and get jobs, brings a friend back almost from dead, all the while topping in class! All actually turns out well for Rancho in the end when it is revealed he holds the patent to hundreds of scientific inventions. It actually gives life to the term “too good to be true”. Cho chweet! I don’t wonder Chetan Bhagat is cringing with remorse. After all “5 Point Someone” scored big time because of its realistic portrayal of life at the IIT.

So tell me, who needs a real Superman?

I have nothing against these three movies. They are among the best in Hindi cinema, individually taken. In fact Three Idiots is breaking all box office records and looks like being the biggest Indian movie of all time. However, all three from the same actor? Two of which are his home production? It is like Tom Hanks acting in three types of Forrest Gumps!

Come on Aamir, get over your Superhuman complex and give us some more earthy characters!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Kindle DX With Global Wireless 9.7" - Buy Online!

Kindle DX With Global Wireless is Here!
kindle 9.7" Image
Good news for book lovers all over the World - Kindle DX with Global Wireless 9.7" Reading Display is now available (for preorder - ships from Jan 19th)!

So What is Kindle DX With Global Wireless?

Kindle is a reading device from Amazon with a weight even less than a typical paperback!. At 1/3 of an inch it is almost as thin as a magazine too! The new Kindle DX With Global Wireless has a huge 9.7 " e-ink display screen and can store upto 3500 books. The 6 inch version is also available.

The Kindle DX Global wireless has 3G wireless which allows one to download books right from kindle with no annual contracts, no monthly fees! The 3G wire coverage is available in over 100 countries . See map for details. Also check out the countries where Amazon Kindle content will be available. You dont't want to be saddled with a gadget with no content after all! For Indian users - Yes it is available for India.

Find out more about the Amazon Kindle DX with global wireless at the links given.

Kindle DX Global Wireless 9.7" " Display - Is available for preorder and ships from January 19th!

Kindle DX Global Wireless 6 " Display