Friday, 27 February 2009

Should I Take Up This Job?

I have just received a job offer? Should I take it up?

This question has been giving me sleepless nights the past week. What better forum to open my mind than here? My parents, husband and children are biased in this regard. My Mom, because she doesn't want her daughter to work too hard, my husband - because he knows that anything he says will be thrown back at him! "You told to work, didn't you?" or "You are the one who didn't allow me to work!" So anytime I want his opinion, I am met with scowls, glares or silence. My son can’t decide whether he wants me to work or not. He wants me to work - because he is missing those extra toys, gizmos, games he was getting while I was also providing to the family kitty, as also increased time at the computer he will be getting with no one to supervise. He doesn't, because he likes to see a relaxed Mom at home when he comes back from school!

Now I will elucidate my pros and cons. First - why should I?

The offer has been literally dropped on my lap. The company is getting the work permit too.

I guess I am qualified enough and should be feeling guilty just watching movies, bickering with kids all day.

The pay is just about decent.

It’s a recession, if I am getting something I should be grabbing it!

It will be a stepping stone back into the workplace. My little kiddo is about 3 now and this seems to be the right time.

Now - Why shouldn't I take it up?

I earn a decent amount from online writing.

I am really enjoying my swimming, music lessons and will be learning French soon ;-)

My kids need me at home (sigh - do they?)

I will still be cleaning up after the kids, sitting with their homeworks, cooking, and doing a host of other things that needs to be done with three dirty boys at home - will I endure (without turning cranky) after a hard day's work?

Do I want to go back to the rat race?

I will miss my independence (to go shopping, tea time with friends, mid morning naps;-)


No, I dont think I want to go to the corporate sector as an employee. The word "rat race" has done the trick!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Pink Chaddi Movement - Indian Women Fight Back - Join Pink Chaddi at Facebook!

Pink Chaddi (Pink Panty) is "A Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women" with a mission to send the Ram Sena and its Chief Pramod Muthalik a Pink Chaddi. Why send the Ram Sena a pink chaddi? Remember, the Ram Sena and its goons beat up young women in Mangalore for apparently going to pubs and with a dire warning not to celebrate Valentine's Day. And, hilariously, the Ram Sena says "no one from good families would resort to such cheap steps" - meaning they come from "good families" beating up women for going to pubs or dressing "indecently"! The Pink Chaddi campaign is a message that beating up Indian Women in public is against "ummm... AGAINST INDIAN CULTURE" too.

This is by far the best step Indian women and men have taken to stand up to right wing extremists and their arm twisting terror tactics! The facebook page already has more than 21000 members of either gender. You can join at Facebook here

The pink chaddi is also at the blog
It says -

"Dear Pink Chaddi donaters,
please courier/mail your chaddi's to:

Pramod Muthalik, Sri Rama Sene Office # 11, Behind new bus stand, Gokhul road, Lakshmi park, Hubli - Karnataka"

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Valentine's Day Poem - With A Difference!

There was a time when I got the Best Valentine cards,
Guys wanted to be close to me like mad.
I got the best of best friends too
Who vied to pay attention to me and woo.
I am 40 now and not getting young,
Crying for all the love and attention and a bit of song
My husband forgets the V'day
My son so young and gay
does only stuff that his girlfriends say!
20 years older and 40 pounds heavier
Oh how weary and dull life seems now
If I was a bit thin or a lot cool
I could still conquer the world
For don’t I know it all!
All of you out there, the young uns
So full of love and life and laughter
Please resist those chocolates
As you might be me twenty years on!