Friday, 8 March 2019

Top 5 things to look Forward to on Women's Day

Girls, Ladies and Beautiful Women,

Here's another Womens' Day!

Now how do we know its here? The 2 dozen greetings on whatsapp wishing you a Hppy Womens' Day should give you a cue. Or the incessant jabbering of the RJ on radio, perhaps. What is one supposed to do about the messages? One knows that one is part of a group mail, group broadcast. The prudent thing is to just ignore. Well before ignoring one can actually read a few and realise how awesome and special one is - right?

Now heres the biggest cue for the day. Even your grumpy son wakes up to wish you a "Happy Women's Day". Now you know you really have to dress up a bit for the women's day theme at work. No pulling on whatever one can lay one's hands on. Sarees and costume jewellery to match - ticked. You know you are going to be late - again, since you haven't started to get ready taking into account the saree wearing ceremony! Sarees and accessories matched (you wonder how people do it everyday) ... you rush to work, knowing you are late. Now here comes the icing. Its Womens Day... Unlikely u will be pulled up for tardiness :) so make the most of it.

As the Day progresses you realise that  Happy Women's Day has replaced the ubiquitous Good Morning and Good Afternoon greetings. Oh well... u take what you get.

Then comes the messages of Spa discounts. As you decide which parlour to go to and whether to get a hair trimming or facial or go the whole hog and straighten and highlight your hair at the ridiculous discount of 50%, your eyes pop up at more deals.

Free shots! Free at the dance floor, freebies at the mall...

God forbid you start watching TV! You get all stats on women related crimes, employment, education...

Whoa! Give us a break. Just treat us like... you know... normal. With respect.

Well waiting for the next Women's Day for my freebies.

Heres a pic with some of my dear students on Women's Day. Girls.. enjoy the day. But see that you make yourself special everyday.