Monday, 4 July 2016

An ode for Self and my 40s Friends (nee Teens!)

(With due apologies to the real poets out there!)

When hormones and BPs make a call
Does friendship go for a stroll? 

Kitty parties, kids and kitchen
Maids, puppies, homework and men
Tie it up with anniversaries and weddings
Bdays, golf parties, work parties and promotions
Parents, arthritis, doctors checkups
Boss, deadlines, budget and the alumni curse

Aunts uncles getting old
As we struggle to make time for them
Those childhood memories get slowly lost
GTs, selfies, whatsapp, games though manage to rule the frame

We still manage to survive the day
With a smile, attitude and reserve at play
Where Everyday is a new day and and Every pic has a new Wrinkle

Those are not worry lines but smile lines 

No anti wrinkle cream is erasing the experience
No doc making us live forever

When finally the mood swings stop and Life settles
Remember we will be too old to play
So let's enjoy the egos and squabbles
And let those thyroid, BP and hormones have their day

Let them just add one more crinkled line of strength
to the bond called friendship; here’s to the day

Let's live it up!