Friday, 19 June 2009

A Long Time

It has been quite a long time since I last blogged here. Pretty remiss of me! If I start a blogging site - its my responsibility to keep it updated. Mea Culpa. But I have reasons. I had guests at home - lots of guests. I have been travelling - lots of travel too. Singapore, Langkawi, Redang, Cameroon, Mumbai - so dear readers, you can except a lot of boring details and updates soon!

What has happened in the time I have been away? The fake IPL player has not revealed himself, Susan Boyle has not won Britain's Got Talent, India has not won the T20 World Cup, there is no coalition Government in India and Laloo is not Railway Minister (I know I have never covered poilitics - but Indian politics is still news I have to follow since I feel it concerns me). Of course much else is happening around - but I have not even followed the online trends to keep anyone updated. Mea Culpa again!

The stock market is up. Hoorah! I have not looked at my investments for some time now. Will need to do it soon. I have read plenty of books though. I finished a Jeffrey Archer and a Georgette Heyer, an Agatha Christie and loads of Mills and Boon. Now many wouldn't count this as reading. I beg to differ. Just write a Mills and Boon to prove its trash. Its not a easy matter to describe a tall, handsome man in fifty different ways not a blonde, brunette, auburn haired girl with green eyes and attitude differently every time and keep your readers engrossed! I haven't watched any movie though unless you count watching Shahrukh's Baadshah and Kal Ho Na Ho fifty times (at least, they are my younger son's favorites) with Spiderman, Hanuman and Ganesh.

But I have been happy for another reason - I am making REALLY GOOD MONEY online. How will be another blog - if and when readers persist or I can rouse myself enough to make the effort!

Thanks for your patience with my feeble attempt at blogging at this site:-)