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Watch Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) - NFL Super Bowl 2012 Live Online Free

Watch Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) - NFL Super Bowl 2011 Live Online Free Coverage / SuperBowl 46 Kick off Time


12- Jan - 2012
(Super Bowl 46 (XLVI) Coverage)

Get ready - its time for another Super Bowl. The post season is well under way and the divisional playoffs are around the corner.

It is Broncos vs Patriots and Texans Vs Ravens in the AFC

Saints vs 49ers and Giants Vs Packers in the NFC.

This the stage "when anythings can happen". Who will go to Indianapolis on 5th February? The seeding says it will be New England Patriots vs Green Bay Packers. The bets are on Packers going the distance - but first they have to beat their 2008 nemesis New York Giants.

Meanwhile Patriots fans may be feeling they are already in the Conference Final - but the Broncos did upset the Steelers. Do they have a couple more upsets up their sleeves?

The last four is out! It is Giants vs 49ers and Patriots vs Ravens for the Conference Championship Finals!

The giants again did a Giant killing act and removed 15-0 Packers from the equation. If they do win the Super Bowl XLVI, it will be the first time a team with just 9 wins in the Regular Season will have done it!

It does promise to be a mouthwatering next few weeks. Meanwhile one can catch Super Bowl games live streaming on - demand at NFL/Gamepass.

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