Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Preparing for a Visit to Sanya, China

The excting day is almost here. We are soon going to Sanya and Kunming in China. While I was initially not too enthusiastic about the trip, I find I am look forward to it quite a lot now!

The trip will be a short one with 2 days at Kunming and 3 days at Sanya.

What I am having trouble planning is what to do with the luggage after checking out from the hotel. Hotels checkout seems to be at 12 pm. Our flights are mostly late evening. We can dump it in a cab while we take a final cruise around the city I guess. Are the cabs reliable? No idea. Is the luggage dispensable? I guess so! Easy way to dispose of 15 kgs of clothes I guess ... Will miss the suitcase of course :) But thats running away on a randon thought.

The thing about trips is that, every trip is different! We have no idea at all what to expect from China. Having been there before with a much larger group a few years back, the trip was entirely different. We had submitted ourselves to a travel agent and every minute was planned. Not so this time. We have made some random itineraries, subject to the vagaries of finding the right transport, bus, cab or train. We are playing it by the ear, so to say.

Things I particularly want to do are on most people's list I guess. But here they are

Ride a bullet train
Visit an old Chinese habitat
Trek a mountain in Sanya (not happening)
Visit old Buddhist temples
walk around the city
Visit the Stone forest and other nature parks (properly, without being in a hurry)
Do the Tai-chi
Be at the beach all day at Yalong (not happening!)
Take pics at the Ends of Earth and the Phoenix Island
Catch a real bird in nature
Drink the local beverage
Eat local for all meals

So if they are all a bit general.. well then, have to see the place to find out otherwise, right!

So here's looking forward to some fun, frolic, beach-bumming and forest-ing!

May we master the chopsticks and the ni hao.