Tuesday, 24 March 2020

RIP Dr. Li Wenliang - Doctors in the Frontline #Corona

Dr. Li Wenliang,

The great humanitarian doctor who alerted the World to the severity of  Corona, succumbed to the same while saving others. In a vivid illustration of how the virus has affected those in the frontline fighting it, the medical workers, the para military staff, Dr Wenliang contracted the virus while working in the Wuhan Central hospital.

Dr Li Wenliang alerted the World to the Corona Virus as early as December 30, 2019. He was dubbed a whistle blower. However the severity of the virus would have come out anyways considering its impact.

Dr. Wenliang detected the severity of the virus early and messaged his colleagues to wear protective clothing in the early days of the disease. He apparently found several patients with a SARs like virus who had frequented a local seafood market. He was subsequently admonished by the authorities for spreading rumours and apparently made to sign a document to that effect!

Dr. Li was just 34 years when he succumbed to Corona virus. Lets take a moment to mourn this fearless warrior. After being admitted on 10th Jan, Dr. Li succumbed to the dreaded disease early on the morning of 7th Feb, 2020. There was widespread grief and outcry in China on the passing away of the Doctor.

How many lives did he save by bringing the corona into public notice?  But for his warning, the disease might have travelled fast out of Wuhan and the whole of China would still be battling a crisis of even gargantuan proportions. As of now China is almost virus free with its efficient handling of a terrible situation, while the whole world is still battling it. Corona Virus cases have topped 400000 (4 lakhs) now, worldwide.